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Why hiding your calling number provides bad customer experience

Why hiding your calling number provides bad customer experience

Companies want to provide good customer experience. But, when calling prospects or customers they hide their calling number. This is devostating the effectiveness of the campaign, and it provides bad customer experience.

Like all of us, I regularly get calls from companies that want to sell a new product, to change electricity or gas provider...Today I also got a call regarding our Holidays, and each time the calling number is hidden.  Everyone knows that when a 'Hidden' number calls you, this is to sell something.  So, like many people, I don't pick-up...Mostly no voice mail is left behind, which confirms the feeling that it's an outbound campaign to sell or upsell something.  Anyway, they'll try again. Right?

But so, today I got a call regarding our Holidays and a voice mail was left on my mobile.  The friendly lady indicated that I wrote an e-mail and that she called to discuss about this e-mail.  But, why is the calling number hidden in this case?  The company wants to come back regarding a question I asked, but they don't want me to know it's them calling me...strange.

Customer Experience

Working in Sales and Service automation, it strikes me that companies don't display their calling number. In the case of our Holidays, the Case that was created because of my e-mail will remain open for some time.  If I don't call back, the system will most probably close the Case automatically because I don't provide feedback anymore (I got the answer in the meanwhile).  But their call center statistics will show bad feedback, a Case that was closed automatically because the customer didn't provide feedback.

The initial reason for my question was triggered by an e-mail they sent.  From that I know that they use Salesforce as their support platform.  And so, I know that there are solutions to this...there are solutions that allow you to publish a local number when calling out, or to use a dedicated outbound number depending on being it an outbound call for sales (cross- or upsell) or regarding a support question.

Clearly, showing the calling number will have a much higher success rate for both scenario's.  Showing a local number, for instance when making cross-border calls, will even be more efficient because people won't have the feeling that it's a sales call. 

Many companies, also travel agencies, indicate that customer experience is very important to them.  Showing the calling number is a very basic and initial thing to do.  So what keeps companies to implement such basic solution?