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Salesforce Winter 17 Service Cloud

Salesforce Winter 17 release - Service Cloud enhancements

With every release, Salesforce adds new, or it enhances existinging, functionalities.  And so they do with Salesforce Winter 17 release.  There are quite some interesting enhancements announced in the Salesforce Winter 17 release notes.

Salesforce Winter 17 and beyond

As more companies implement Salesforce Service Cloud, also more companies want to implement an omnichannel support strategy, or they want to make Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to ensure that their customer service agents may do their job effeciently.  Also in this release, Salesforce makes some significant updates in this area.

Next to new and enhanced functionalities that are part of this release, the importance to integrate the Communication platform with Salesforce is also confirmed in the agreement that has recently been signed between Cisco and Salesforce.

Also the importance of Collaboration, which has been already a strong focus point of Salesforce, is confirmed with the inclusion of Cisco's Spark and Webex solutions in this agreement.

Goodbye to Desktop CTI

For those companies that still use an Desktop CTI - aka CTI Toolkit - adapter, it has been announced that this will get finally put to a stop in the Spring '17 release.  There's still time to move to an Open CTI implementation, but time has arrived to really make the move.

Implementing Lightning Experience?  Now also integrate via Open CTI

Salesforce winter 17 releaseTypically it is up to your Telephony - Communication - platform provider to ensure to use the new Lightning Open CTI components.  When you use the Salesforce Console, then you're ok with the classic Open CTI implementation.  But when you want to use Lightning Experience in your service team, then you should check with your Communication platform provider if his solution is Lightning Ready.

Salesforce has created a separate set of Open CTI APIs which only work in Lightning Apps.  So, when you want to make use of it in Lightning, then check with your CTI vendor if they have an implementation that supports both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

Omnichannel enhancements

Next to telephone, e-mail and webforms, also support via social media becomes more important.  Compared with traditional support, younger people will first want to search a possible solution themselves, and only reach out to you when they didn't find the appropriate answer.  Instead of calling or e-mailing, these type of customers may vey well use social media to get in touch.  And so, Salesforce now also includes Instagram as another channel that you may use to provide support.

As more channels get integrated with Salesforce, also more management functionalities are required.  Salesforce puts some new functionalities (will be in beta initally) which allow better follow-up for the manager, to have more integrated omnichannel routing built in, etc.


New functionalities create new possibilities for your company.  However, knowing all functionalities is not always easy as an end-user.  In case you want more information or assistance on implementing new or enhanced Salesforce functionalities, then get in touch with us!