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Keeping the overview in an outsource service desk environment using a cloud contact center solution

Outsource while keeping the overview of customer support

Companies that outsource (part of) their support teams, often have difficulties to keep a complete overview. 

We have seen companies that outsource part of the voice communications. This led to distributed reporting, even more when multiple outsource partners are used.  With introduction of additional, mostly written, support channels, even more management is needed to get a consolidated view and reporting.

Outsource to gain flexibility

There are different drivers to outsource support functions:Use a Cloud Contact Center solution to keep overview in an outsource service desk setup

  • Business:request additional resources when there is high volume or when doing a specific outbound campaign, without having to search for these resources
  • Training: with additional support channels and more complex products, training needs and follow-up become heavy
  • Financial: having less people on the payroll, but still having the flexibility to request additional resources when they are needed. Moreover, often the cost of an outsourced resource is less compared to inhouse resources

Taking into account the speed at which customer expectations change, even more flexibility is required.  As customers expect more, also more integration with the outsourcer is needed.

Customer expectations

But customers don't know, and they don't care, when you outsource your support team.  Customers care about having easy access to your support team, and to get the correct answer at their first contact with your company.

So it is key to ensure that both internal support teams and outsourced teams may deliver the same quality to your customers.  For instance, a recent analysis showed that the support quality for Belgian Energy companies was not good.  One of the main reasons was because the outsourced teams were not at the same level as the internal support teams.

May cloud help to meet customer expectations?

Yes it may! Implementating Salesforce with a Cloud Contact Center solution allows having one environment for all support agents.  These agents may be internal, as well as, external people.  They may all use the same platform to provide support, no matter which channel is used by your customer.


You want to outsource, or have outsourced, part of your support teams?  You want to get more information on how to optimise integration and how to ensure customer expectations?  Then get in touch with us!