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Is a cloud contact center right for your organisation

How to decide if a cloud contact center is right for you - part 1

When wanting to integrate incoming and/or outgoing communications with Salesforce, there are different considerations to make.  Going for a Cloud Contact Center solution, or not, may have different reasons. Here are some financial considerations that may influence your decision.

Recent investments

If your company recently invested in a new communication platform, then it may be difficult to convince management to go Cloud Contact Centerfor a cloud contact center solution.  The cloud contact center solution will require extra budget. So, getting agreement for this will be difficult.

It may be different when the new communication platform has no standard interface with Salesforce. In this case, custom integration is required with Salesforce.  This requires direct investment to setup the integration, but it also means that you will have a high operational cost to maintain this interface.  Take into account that Salesforce has 3 major releases per year, and so functionalities and interfaces may change.  In case of changes, this may impact your custom interface.

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With Salesforce you already go this direction, but going for a Cloud Contact Center solution adds to the Operational Expenses.  Every user that gets configured requires a monthly license.  On the other hand, these types of solutions may grow or shrink with your organisation.  Although your company may not really like opex costs, it does create budgettary flexibility because you only pay for the licenses that you use.

Compared with on-premise implementations, there is no high implementation budget needed.  Nor does it require license and hardware maintenance costs.  For instance, if you would require a high-available and geo-redundant communication platform, then these costs should be added in comparing with the Cloud Contact Center operational costs.


This is a first post in a series of 3. In the next blog posts we will go deeper on functional and technical reasons.


Do you consider implementing telephony and/or omni-channel communications with Salesforce?  But you need guidance on defining the business case, solution architecture or project planning?  Then get in touch to see how we may assist you