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Customer journey influences your customer's experience

The customer journey consists of different touchpoints and channels

Customers are in constant connection with your company.  The customer journey consists of different touch point and different channels.  And it's your customer that decides which channels are used!  Whether you want to provide better customer experience, or you want to attrackt more younger customers, or for any other is important to understand the importance of the different touch points. This ensures that you put the right focus on the right channels.

Touch points

customer journey
Customer Journey mapping

Customers use different media to get or be in touch with your company.  They use social media (Facebook, TwitterInstagram...) , check your website, buy in your store or via your website, etc.  It is important to understand what touch points there are and how these are used by people.

In a fast-changing world, new touch points pop up and others may disappear.  Depending on the demography of your customer base, these changes have more or less impact.

Touch point intensity

Not every touch point has the same weight.  Some have more influence.  Others are more used. Understanding the intensity of touch points allows you to put the right priorities.

Also, the usage of touch points changes regularly.  Certainly social media impact changes as platforms become more or less important.

Map your organisation's typical customer journey

Understanding the typical customer journey allows you to visualise how people are in contact with your organisation.  It shows your customer's focus.  And it may show that your priority may be different than your customer's priority.

A graphical representation of the different scenario's may bring insights that you didn't think about before. 

Understand and Improve

You may think that social media are not (yet) important for your company.  But if you want to attract younger customers, it may be required to spend some effort to integrate social media in your organisation. Or, you may put high focus on customer support.  But when you have a young customer base, it may be required to extend the self-service functionalities on your website or on your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications.

Understanding the customer journey and mapping this to your company's goals, allows you to put the right focus. It allows you to improve!  Improve in terms of processes, focus on the right touch points, on content, etc.  And each time you make updates, evaluate the impact of these changes so that you keep improving the customer experience in your organisation.


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