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Salesforce Einstein

AI to better understand your customers

Major companies like Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft announced already before to work together to turn Big Data into Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Now also Salesforce announces to add AI to their platform - via its Einstein integrated component.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It sounds a bit scary, no?  Artificial Intelligence in Customer Relationship Management...why would we need that?

For the past years, a lot has been said about Big Data and how this may help to better understand your customers.  Big Data combines data from different sources in your company, and you may use it to enhance your understanding of your customers.  You want to know what they buy, what their interests are, etc.  All trying to ensure a better customer experience, to be able to provide the right product or answer at the right time.

Big Data is something that you generally do (or don't do) inside your organisation.  It is still up to yourself to ensure the proper usage in your company.  And that's what changes with Einstein.


Salesforce makes AI part of the platform. Without having to integrate data from different sources, you now get the enhanced data analytics directly in Salesforce.  As Einstein is part of the platform, AI Einstein in Salesforce it is available in all Salesforce components.  So whether you use Sales, Service, Marketing, Community, Analytics, Apps, Commerce, IoT or a combination of these clouds in your company, you may use Einstein.

What is the benefit of AI in Customer Services?

In Customer Service you want to give the right answer to your customer as soon as possible.  So, when you know more about your customer, you will be able to:

  • Resolve Cases faster
  • Deliver the right answer faster
  • Empower customer service agents with insights about Case resolutin times

It will also help to make a better analysis of the best agent to answer the question.  When routing an incoming question, it is important to make the best possible match with the agents in your team.  Surely, Einstein will make this analysis more intelligent!


Customer Service, and Salesforce in particular, evolve at a rapid pace.  New functionalities get added which may enhance your processes, to get better knowledge abut your customers, to provide better service.  But what functionalities are most particularly important for your organisation?  That's what we help you with.  You want more information?  Then get in touch with us!