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omnichannel support across devices

5 Reasons Why Omnichannel Contact Centers Are The Future

Young adults are used to have a multitude of possibilities to get answers to their questions.  Being able to answer customers via different channels becomes more important every day.  An omnichannel strategy is required to ensure that you put the right focus on the right channels.

Omnichannel self-service simplifies customer experience

Self-service is a critical part of your omnichannel strategy.  Where Customer Experience is a company-wide effort, customer support and customer self-service have a large stake in your customer's perception on your company.  Studies foresee a reduction in voice contacts and a (high) increase in non-voice interactions.  The most popular self-service channels include online forums or communities, virtual agents (chat bots) and mobile self-service.

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Where needed, agents may step in and provide assistance.  But going forward, more interactions will begin and end with customers helping themselves.

Excellent customer service has impact on customer buying decision

Studies show that many customers would try a new brand or company if it means a better service experience.  Excellent customer service ensures higher loyalty of your customer base. The ultimate goals is to make sure that your most loyal customers become your brand's advocates.  Ensure that your customer spread your brand's message.

Getting more loyalty doesn't necessarily mean big changes in your organisation.  It may be as simple as following-up via e-mail, sending a birthday e-mail.  Small, unexpected gestures may create a totally satisfied customer.

Different ages require different channels

Not every generation prefers the same channels.  Older customers may still prefer phone calls and are totally not happy with only a self-service page or omnichannel optionscontact form on your website.  While young adults probably want to search for the solution themselves, and want to chat or communicate via e-mail if they don't find the answer themselves.

Empower your customer by letting them choose their preferred communication channel 

As you have a diverse customer base, where different customer have different support needs, it is impoartant to let them chose their preferred channel to communicate with your company.  Empowering your customers leads to long-term loyalty.

Making the effort to be present on different channels, and offering great service on the channel of your customer's choice, sends the message that you take into account your customer's taste.

Customers are available at all times, via different media

As people become more mobile, they also become more available.  Customers no longer use one single medium, but they switch devices as they see fit.  They use desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. They may switch because of personal preference or because a channel is not optimised (for instance website not optimised for mobile), but generally customers appreciate the flexibility of being able to switch when desired.

Whether people are at home, at work or on the road, they are reachable.  And they choose their preferred communication channel, depending on the device they have available.


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