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External routing ensures prioritization and selection of agents

Using External Routing with Salesforce Omnichannel

Getting incoming questions immediately with the right support agent is key.  So, how do you ensure uniform routing over all channels in your service center when using Salesforce Omnichannel?  As mentioned earlier in this article, a clear distinction must be made between omnichannel routing functionalities in Salesforce and routing via communication platforms.  Since the Summer '17 release, Salesforce has a solution in place to make better use of external routing solutions

What is it about?

Salesforce Omnichannel routing allows to make intelligent routing of (e-mail, web...) Cases and incoming Salesforce omnichannel routingChat requests.  But, it does not cover routing of incoming telephone calls (as you in the picture).

For a service center or call center where voice and non-voice channels are equally important, using Salesforce Omnichannel Routing may have high impact:

  • Work distribution happens in two systems - routing of incoming telephone calls happens via an external (communication) platform, while other channels get routed via Salesforce Omnichannel
  • Managers of the call center or service center have no overall view of the actual status of the call center (without checking two systems)
  • There's no uniform reporting on how long communications took - extra integration is required to combine call center statistics and to ensure this uniform strategic reporting

What changes brings external routing?

With the Summer '17 release, Salesforce provides Service Cloud API's.

This allows vendors of Communication Platforms to also take advantage of queues in Salesforce, allowing them to prioritize and route phone calls, E-mail Cases, Web Cases, Chat requests, etc

This makes it easier also for vendors of communication platforms to share the agents' status between both platforms.  Having access to one another's queues is one thing, knowing if an agent is available to take a new incoming question is equally important.  Integrating both ensures that Service Center Team Leaders may use one system to have a complete overview of all agents and all support channels.  

Note: in the Salesforce Summer '17 release, this functionality is in Beta.  Companies should request Salesforce to enable external routing with Salesforce Omnichannel.  Currently this functionality is only available in Salesforce Classic Console.

Want to know more?

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