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Skills-based routing in Salesforce

Salesforce has introduced Skills-based routing.  Before, it was only possible to use Queue-based routing, so this is a new interesting enhancement in Salesforce Service Cloud. How does this relate to Queue-based routing or routing via a communication platform?

Metrics In An Omnichannel Support Environment

Today's support landscape consists of multiple touch points: Your website, Facebook, Twitter, Chat, Incoming and Outgoing calls, e-mails...and more.  Within a support environment, millenials will want to check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before wanting to Chat with an agent.  While older people still call your support team, without first checking for answers themselves. As channels and way-of-working change, also metrics and reporting changes in your company.

Standard customer service reporting looks at numbers like:

5 Reasons Why Omnichannel Contact Centers Are The Future

Young adults are used to have a multitude of possibilities to get answers to their questions.  Being able to answer customers via different channels becomes more important every day.  An omnichannel strategy is required to ensure that you put the right focus on the right channels.

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