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Fat client vs integrated CTI: what is the difference?

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with Salesforce, using an on-premise Communication Platform may also have impact for your Salesforce users.  Integration with Salesforce may happen via an AppExchange component, but there may also be the proposal to use the Communication Platform's fat-client application.  Instead of going Cloud all the way, this requires the installation of a Client application on the user's desktop, and it is a c

Why is it important to start Computer Telephony Integration correctly from the start?

Companies implementing Salesforce Service Cloud often ask what is the best solution to have Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) done efficiently. They want to harmonise different channels in their support organisation, but what solution is best and what happens where when you want to streamline incoming calls, e-mails, web requests, chats... in one support team?

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