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Top 5 reasons to move to a cloud contact center solution when using Salesforce

Companies that implement Salesforce, and want to implement an efficient omnichannel strategy, may have difficulties to reach the expected efficiency when using their legacy telephony platform.  Integrating a local PABX with Salesforce (in the cloud) may create some particular challenges. For instance, in a multilanguage environment, you want to start announcements immediately in the correct language, based on the customer's data in your Salesforce org.

When flexibility matters…for your employees AND your customers…and you: the business owner

As customer you probably have experienced already frustrating times waiting in queue until an agent answers your call, going through multiple IVR (Interactive Voice Response) levels, and hearing multiple messages announcing that you’re 4th…3rd…2nd…in line…if not only it said that ‘all agents are busy’…

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