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Does a Cloud Contact Center solution fits your budget?

An important question to answer when comparing on-premise communication platforms with cloud contact center solutions, may be budget!  And what does it bring to your Salesforce project?

What Cloud Contact Center solution are available?

As with everything, there are different Cloud Contact Center solutions which integrate with Salesforce.  As a company it is not really easy to see the differences.  Thorough analysis is needed to understand which solution best fits your company.

While you need to align your requirements with the available functionalities, here's already a list of Cloud Contact Center solutions available on the market:

How to decide if a cloud contact center is right for you - part 3

In part 1 we disussed on financial considerations, in part 2 we looked into functional reasons when considering telephony and omni-channel integrations (CTI) with Salesforce.  In this final post, we discuss some technical items that may influence your decision to go (or not) for a Cloud Contact Center solution.

How to decide if a cloud contact center is right for you - part 2

In our previous post, we already discussed some financial reasons to go for a Cloud Contact Center solution or not.  In this post we look deeper to possible functional reasons.

How to decide if a cloud contact center is right for you - part 1

When wanting to integrate incoming and/or outgoing communications with Salesforce, there are different considerations to make.  Going for a Cloud Contact Center solution, or not, may have different reasons. Here are some financial considerations that may influence your decision.

Outsource while keeping the overview of customer support

Companies that outsource (part of) their support teams, often have difficulties to keep a complete overview. 

We have seen companies that outsource part of the voice communications. This led to distributed reporting, even more when multiple outsource partners are used.  With introduction of additional, mostly written, support channels, even more management is needed to get a consolidated view and reporting.

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