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Top 5 reasons to move to a cloud contact center solution when using Salesforce

Companies that implement Salesforce, and want to implement an efficient omnichannel strategy, may have difficulties to reach the expected efficiency when using their legacy telephony platform.  Integrating a local PABX with Salesforce (in the cloud) may create some particular challenges. For instance, in a multilanguage environment, you want to start announcements immediately in the correct language, based on the customer's data in your Salesforce org.

Salesforce Winter 17 release - Service Cloud enhancements
As more companies implement Salesforce Service Cloud, also more companies want to implement an omnichannel support strategy, or they want to make Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to ensure that their customer service agents may do their job effeciently. Also in Winter 17 release, Salesforce makes some significant updates in this area.
Functionalities between Communication platform & Salesforce in Omnichannel Support

When companies want to implement an omnichannel strategy in their service center, an important question is which functionality belongs in which application.

Why hiding your calling number provides bad customer experience

Companies want to provide good customer experience. But, when calling prospects or customers they hide their calling number. This is devostating the effectiveness of the campaign, and it provides bad customer experience.

Managing omnichannel support objectives with Salesforce

Implementing self-service functionalities via your website allows your organisation to deflect a number of questions from your support agents.  But when customers want to communicate with one of your support people, it is important to have solutions in place to bring the question to the right agent - to have an omnichannel support strategy.

How do you harmonize customer experience over multiple sites?

Harmonization of processes in a company that has multiple sites is not always easy.  People in different sites may treat customers differently or start to implement different processes compared to those that were agreed at the beginning.  When a homegrown company expands, it is not always easy to have everyone on the same path.  When companies merge, it is even more crucial that processes get streamlined, which may mean that old habbits should be thrown overboard.