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Route incoming chat requests via Salesforce Skills-based routing

As mentioned in our previous article, it is now possible to route incoming chat requests via Salesforce Skills-based routing.  Skills-based routing ensures that, out of the available agents, the best one gets selected to answer the incoming question.  These questions may be sent via e-mail, web form or, now also via chat.

Skills-based routing to align support processes

Since Winter ’19 release, Salesforce implements skills based routing for non-voice channels.  At the moment of writing, Cases, Leads, Orders and Custom Objects may be used with skills based routing, as well as routing of incoming chat requests (in Beta).

Dynamically size your support infrastructure on actual needs

Implementing off-the-shelve solutions often requires a heavy capital expense and a reasonable amount of operational expenses.  Moving to cloud solutions reduces the capital expenses, but it also often raises the operational costs.  Reason being that the license cost per user is higher as infrastructure and maintenance costs are all included in the monthly fee per user.  What if you could eliminate also a big portion of the operational costs for your call center or support team's telephony infrastructure?

Cost and resource optimization in Customer Services with Amazon Connect

With focus on Market leading solutions for CRM and Cloud implementations, we focus on implementing and supporting Salesforce and Amazon Connect.  Being a customer focused company, we want to help you supporting your customer in the most efficient way.

For us, efficiency comes in 3 topics:

Skills-based routing in Salesforce

Salesforce has introduced Skills-based routing.  Before, it was only possible to use Queue-based routing, so this is a new interesting enhancement in Salesforce Service Cloud. How does this relate to Queue-based routing or routing via a communication platform?

Where to start with Salesforce CTI implementations?

Over the past months I have had different companies asking how to integrate incoming calls with Salesforce. Not necessarily looking into an omnichannel approach, but basically getting customers connected with the right agent and ensuring that the agent has the correct information displayed.