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Data Privacy in a Cloud Contact Center environment

Data Privacy and GDPR rules in Europe are hot topics these days. Going for cloud solutions and implementing, for instance, a cloud contact center, puts probably even more focus on getting compliancy with data privacy rules.

Many companies publish how they handle GDPR questions, and so does Salesforce on this page

Salesforce Computer Telephony Integration using Amazon Connect Reviewed

There are different Cloud Contact Center solutions available that integrate with Salesforce.  Next to these solutions, Salesforce announced the first version with Amazon Connect in March 2017.

Does a Cloud Contact Center solution fits your budget?

An important question to answer when comparing on-premise communication platforms with cloud contact center solutions, may be budget!  And what does it bring to your Salesforce project?

Using External Routing with Salesforce Omnichannel

Getting incoming questions immediately with the right support agent is key.  So, how do you ensure uniform routing over all channels in your service center when using Salesforce Omnichannel?  As mentioned earlier in this article, a clear distinction must be made between omnichannel routing functionalities in Salesforce and routing via communication platforms.

Complete reporting in your service team when using Salesforce

As a team leader of the service team it is important to get complete reporting.  Reporting must cover all channels, those that may get managed in Salesforce and those that are not managed in Salesforce, ie incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Fat client vs integrated CTI: what is the difference?

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with Salesforce, using an on-premise Communication Platform may also have impact for your Salesforce users.  Integration with Salesforce may happen via an AppExchange component, but there may also be the proposal to use the Communication Platform's fat-client application.  Instead of going Cloud all the way, this requires the installation of a Client application on the user's desktop, and it is a c