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Serverless Contact Center solution

Amazon Connect

What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is a 100% cloud-based and serverless Cloud Contact Center solution. Compared to traditional platforms, you don't need to take care of Hardware or Software to create your Contact Center solution.

Flexible routing

Creation or updating Contact Flows may be done online via your AWS login. A graphical interface ensures easy management.

Call recording

An optional, but important, functionality is Call Recording. You activate it via a simple checkbox, which automatically stores recording calls securily on the AWS platform.


Real-time and Operational Reporting are standard available on the AWS platform.

High-Quality Voice

Calling via the Browser on your workstation (via WebRTC) or via your desk- or mobile-phone.

Why Amazon Connect?

One of the biggest differentiators with classic solutions is that all functionalities may get used with you installing any hardware or software. The activation of Amazon Connect happens online, no need to reserve specific components upfront.

But this is not the only reason why you may chose for Amazon Connect. Hereunder a few more potential reasons.

Self-service configuration

Via the Amazon Connect console, you have the capabilities to self-manage users, groups, security settings, contact flows...actually you may manage your complete contact center!


Pay only for what you use. If you define 100 agents but you only get 1 call...then you pay only for that 1 call. If you want to up- or downscale for a limited amount of time, then this gets done automatically for you.

Contact flows

Create and update your Contact Flows yourself, via an easy-to-use web application.

Open platform

Amazon Connect seamlessly integrates with other components of the Amazon Web Services platform. You may start small, but if needed there is a nearly limitless capacity to add intelligent functionalities.

How may we help you?

Any new platform requires training or support. We help our customers in design, setup and maintenance/support to get the best out of your Contact Center.


Is Amazon Connect a fit for your company? Why, or why not, would you implement Amazon Connect? And how do you start with it?


Once the decision is taken to implement, we help you to start of and to make your new Cloud Contact Center implementation a success!


If you don't want to take care of it yourself, then we may support your setup for you. No need to follow-up or check logs. We take care of that for you!